We do not host any of the downloads on this page.  If you have problem downloading the files, do report the broken links and we will advise the alternative download links.  The list of compatible software is updated to our best knowledge.  If there is any discrepancy, please inform us so that we can update it for the benefit of everyone.  Thank you.


ELM320 Datasheet
ELM322 Datasheet
ELM323 Datasheet

ELM327 Datasheet
ELM327 Quick Reference Sheet

ElmScan Compatible Software
Software Cost Platform OBD-II Software Free DOS, Windows and Linux
GM Mode 22 Scan Tool Free Windows
OBD Gauge Free Palm and PPC
OBD Logger Free Windows and Unix
OBD-II ScanMaster Free Windows
OBD2 Scantool Free Windows and Linux
OBDII for ELM322 Free Windows
Real Scan Free DOS
ScanTest Free PPC
wOBD Free Windows
Servertec ScanTool Gateway Free Java
EasyObdII Free Windows
GLM Software USD89 / USD 79 Windows and PPC
Pocket Scanner Plus USD 49.99 PPC
Digimoto USD 49.00 Windows and PPC
ElmOScan USD 49.90 Windows
EngineCheck GBP 29.95 Windows

EUR 39.00

PCMSCAN USD 79.95 Windows
ProScan USD 59.99 Windows
OBD-II ScanMaster Professional

EUR 60.00

Vauxcheck GBP 29.95 Windows
VitalScan GBP 29.95 Windows
WGIobdii USD 72.00 Windows

The above information is updated to our best knowledge for the benefit of all users.  Please report if there are any mistakes and we will gladly update the list.  Thank you.