What is included in the ElmScan Scan Tool?
1. ElmScan interface board mounted inside of a steel enclosure.
2. Serial cable (6ft/1.8m)
3. OBD-II Cable Type B (6ft/1.8m)
What is included in the ElmScan Interface Package?
1. ElmScan interface board
2. Serial cable (6ft/1.8m)
3. OBD-II Cable Type B (6ft/1.8m)
What can the Scan Tool do?
With an appropriate software program, the Scan Tool lets you perform the following operations:
Read diagnostic trouble codes, both generic and manufacturer-specific, and display their meaning (over 3000 generic code definitions in the database).  Clear trouble codes and turn off the MIL ("Check Engine" light).  If the software only retrieves the DTC with description, you can check  http://www.troublecodes.net/technical/.
Display current sensor data, including:
How do I connect the Scan Tool to a PC or Laptop?
The ElmScan Scan Tool Package is all that is needed for you to connect to a PC.  The ElmScan will be connected to the PC's serial port via the serial cable.  If you have a Laptop with only USB port and no serial port, you can use a USB to Serial Converter.  However, some of these generic converters do not produce voltage levels high enough for reliable communication. It is not always the case, but please be aware of this when you are purchasing generic converters.
How do I connect the Scan Tool to a PDA?
To connect to a PDA, the PDA needs to be running either Palm OS or PPC and has native support for serial synchronization with the PC.  If the PDA only supports USB synchronization, it will not work with the ElmScan.  You'll need a Null Modem Adaptor and a Serial Hotsync cable suitable for your PDA.
Dana Peters has a neat site which is a must read for those who plan to connect the ElmScan Scan Tool to a PDA.
The Belkin Y cable is highly recommended if you plan to use the palm on the road.  The serial end can be connected to the ElmScan and the USB end can be connected to a Car USB Charger to power/charge your PDA.
You can purchase serial hotsync cables for most PDAs at Brando.
If you own a LifeDrive, Tungsten E2, Tungsten T5 or Treo 650, you can purchase the serial modem cable from PNTech.
The part number is PDCT5-M9-6.  You do not need a null modem adaptor in this case as it's already a null modem cable.
Known incompatible Palms (No native serial support): Zire, Zire 21, Zire 31, Zire 72 and Tungsten E.
Which OBD-II protocol is supported by my vehicle?
An OBD-II compliant vehicle can use any of the five communication protocols: J1850 PWM, J1850 VPW, ISO9141-2, ISO14230-4 (also known as Keyword Protocol 2000), and more recently, ISO15765-4/SAE J2480 (also known as CAN).
As a general rule, you can determine which protocol your vehicle is using by looking at the pinout of the DLC:
Pin 2 Pin 6 Pin 7 Pin 10 Pin 14 Pin 15 Protocol
must have - - must have - - J1850 PWM
must have - - - - - J1850 VPW
- - must have - - may have ISO9141/14230
- must have - - must have - ISO15765 (CAN)
In addition to pins 2, 7, 10, and 15, the connector should have pins 4 (Chassis Ground), 5 (Signal Ground), and 16 (Battery Positive).
How do I know if my car is compatible with the ElmScan Scan Tool?

We cannot know for sure until a scan is done on the car.  The same car in different countries may not be the same internally.  For reference purpose, we keep a list of Asian cars which our customers have scanned successfully.

List of Asian Cars scanned with the ElmScan Scan Tool:
(Cars not listed here doesn't necessarily mean that they do not work with the Elmscan.)


Alfa Romeo 147 2.0TS 16V 2006 (ISO)
Chevrolet Aveo (ISO)
Chevrolet Optra 2004 (ISO)
Citroen C3 2004 (ISO)
Citroen Xsara 2001 (ISO)
Daihatsu YRV 2005 (ISO)
Daihatsu YRV Turbo 2006 (ISO)
Fiat Bravo 2008 1.4 (ISO)
Fiat Bravo 2008 1.4 TJet (ISO)
Fiat Doblo 2007 (ISO)
Fiat Punto 2008 1.4 (ISO)
Fiat Tipo 2002 (ISO)
Fiat Stilo MS Edition 2006 (ISO)
Honda Accord 2006 JDM (ISO)
Honda Accord Euro R 2004 JDM (ISO)
Honda City GD8 (ISO)
Honda Civic ES 1.6A (ISO)
Honda Civic FD 2006 (CAN)
Honda Civic FD Hybrid 2007 (CAN)
Honda Edix 2007 (ISO)
Honda Fit 2006 (ISO)
Honda Integra Type R DC5 JDM (ISO)
Honda Integra 2.0 GSR 2006 (ISO)
Honda Jazz 2006 (ISO)
Honda Stream 1.7A 2005 (ISO)
Honda Stream 2.0A 2005 (ISO)
Honda Stream 1.8A 2008 (CAN)
Hyundai Accent 2004 (ISO)
Hyundai Avante 1.6 2006 (CAN)
Hyundai Verna 1.4 2007 (CAN)
Hyundai Getz 1.3A 2004 (ISO)
Hyundai Getz 1.6M 2004 (ISO)
Hyundai Matrix 2004 (ISO)
Hyundai Santa Fe 2.4A (ISO)
Hyundai Sonata GLS (ISO)
Hyundai Sonata 2005 (ISO)
Hyundai Tucson 2006 (ISO)
Hyundai Tuscani FX (ISO)
Hyundai Verna 2007 (CAN)
Kia Carens 2005 (ISO)
Kia Cerato 2006 (ISO)
Kia Magentis 2005 (ISO)
Kia Rio 2007 (CAN)
Kia Rio LS (ISO)
Kia Sorento SUV 2005 (ISO)
Kia Sportage 2005 (ISO)
Mazda 2 (CAN)
Mazda 3 (CAN)
Mazda 5 (CAN)
Mazda 6 (CAN)
Mazda Premacy 2001 (ISO)
Mazda RX8 (CAN)
Mitsubishi Colt 2003 (ISO)
Mitsubishi Colt 2006 (ISO)
Mitsubishi Colt Plus 2005 (ISO)
Mitsubishi Colt Plus Turbo 2006 (ISO)
Mitsubishi Colt Version R 2008 (ISO)
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX 2006 (ISO)
Mitsubishi Pajero 3.5 V6 2006 (ISO)
Nissan Sunny B14 (ISO)
Nissan Sunny VIP FB15 (ISO)
Nissan X-Trail 2.0L 2004 (ISO)
Nissan X-Trail 2.5L 2004 (ISO)
Peugeot 206 (ISO)
Peugeot 307 (ISO)
Peugeot 407 (ISO)
Renault Megane II 2005 (ISO)
Renault Kangoo 2006 (ISO)
Saab 93 2001 (ISO)
Subaru Impreza 1.6TS 2002 (ISO)
Subaru Impreza WRX 2005 (ISO)
Subaru Impreza WRX STi Euro Spec 2005(ISO)
Suzuki Liana (ISO)
Suzuki Swift 1.5A 2005 (ISO)
Suzuki Swift Sports 1.6M 2007 (ISO)
Toyota Camry 2.0A 2004 (ISO)
Toyota Camry 2.4A 2005 (ISO)
Toyota Corolla Altis 1.6A 2005 (ISO)
Toyota Corolla GLXi G8 1999 (ISO)
Toyota Corolla G9 2002 (ISO)
Toyota Vios 2004 (ISO)
Volkswagen Mk5 GTI (CAN)
Volvo S60 2.0T 2006 (ISO)


Honda Stream JDM 2007 (PI Car)
Mazda 323 Protege 2003 (OBD-I)
Mitsubishi Lancer 1.6M 2005 (C&C Car)
Mitsubishi Lancer 1.6M 2006 (C&C Car)
Nissan Sunny (N16)
Nissan Cefiro (Teana) 2005
Proton Perdana V6
Proton Wira
Subaru Legacy GT 2005 (Using Subaru Select Monitor)
Suzuki Swift Sports JDM 2006 (PI Car)
Toyota Harrier JDM 2003 (PI Car)
Toyota Wish JDM (PI Car)
Toyota IST JDM (PI Car)
Toyota Innova (Asia Domestic Model)
Toyota Avanza (Asia Domectic Model)
Toyota Celica JDM 2004 (PI Car)

For a list cars worldwide, click here.

What's the warranty given?

We offer an unconditional 14-day money-back guarantee.  If you are not satisfied with our products, you may return them within 14 days from the date on the invoice, for a full refund (minus shipping & handling charges).  There will be a restocking fee of 5% of the purchase price.  If you decide to return a product, please contact us to get return authorization.

If the product fails due to any manufacturing defect within a year of purchase, we will repair or exchange the item at no charge.  The customer will just have to bare the freight charges to send the item back to us.  This warranty is valid for one year, starting from the date on the invoice.